Tuesday, October 04, 2011

The Revival Tour - get a ticket now before it's too late!

Adam & I went on Sunday night & were blown away. We decided not to go right down to the front for once & actually stand back a bit to enjoy the music (instead of Adam concentrating on trying to protect me from being squished) so the photos ain't great I'm afraid but here goes:
On the European Tour was Chuck Ragan (from Hot Water Music & who started the Revival Tour), Brian Fallon (from The Gaslight Anthem - woop!), Dan Andriano (from Alkaline Trio) & Dave Hause (from The Loved Ones), Jon Gaunt played the fiddle & Joe Ginsbery was on the upright bass.
To start with everyone played, then one by one each singer did some of his own songs as well as versions of songs from the band they're from. It started with Dave, then Chuck, followed by Dan & finally Brian rounded the whole thing off.
The atmosphere was brilliant, they were all having so much fun (like when Brian & Dave brought out a bottle of Jameson to strike a beat while Dan played). I found myself standing there with a huge grin on my face constantly.
In case you hadn't twigged the main reason we went was to see Brian but everyone else was so darn good too! Brian came on & sang some Horrible Crowes songs along with Ian & then did some Gaslight songs too & they sounded incredible either as an acoustic version or when everyone else played along too. I took a few videos which I've posted below. The sound ain't great but you can get the gist.
You should have seen the number of cameras & camera phones that came out when they all came together to sing it was hilarious. This was the only point where I really wished I was standing on the front row. They all looked like they were having a blast & I think they'd have carried on all night if they could.
Afterwards as per usual we headed round the back of Rock City to see if we could chat to anyone & pretty much as we came out so did Brian. He was mobbed by so many people but when it came to our chance to say hi & get stuff signed he recognised Adam which was ace. He's always such a great guy & so easy to talk to even though I still get a bit star struck! 
We managed to see Chuck, Dan, Dave & Ian as well so got our poster, tickets & cds signed. More things for the wall! :) maybe we need to make the spare room a Gaslight Shrine?! That wouldn't be weird at all!
Here are 2 of the videos I did at the gig, as I said the sound isn't great but you get an idea at least. As my post title says, if you get a chance you must get a ticket to this show it's amazing! Hopefully it'll be coming back next year, maybe even with Frank Turner?! Now that would be brill! 

Ttfn x 

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Boss Hugo said...

Totally agree. If you still have a chance to grab a ticket to see this amazingly intimate and fun tour then do so. If not, then you may well regret it for a very very long time :)