Thursday, October 20, 2011

It’s the thought that counts....

hopefully that applies to exercise too. Last night was supposed to be the start of the wedding diet push so Adam & I popped off to do some swimming. This is the only form of exercise I always look forward to & the fact you can just switch off from everything is great. We got changed & entered the pool area to find it busy but not too bad with lots of lanes, perfect. The only problem was 3 of those lanes were for the swimming club, the other 2 (1 for proper swimming & 1 for relaxing) were for the general public. I’m not a brilliant swimmer but I like to swim fairly quickly & after doing 10 laps starting & stopping & pretty much swimming in a queue, we left. I was gutted that I couldn’t do any more but I was just getting frustrated. We found out from 9 ‘till 10pm the whole pool is for proper swimming so we’re going to give it another go next Wednesday & see what happens, in the mean time I’m hoping to get to aqua aerobics on Sunday evening which should be quite funny.

To cheer us up we had a few chocs from the random Dairy Milk box we found on top of the fridge (this means one of our parents didn’t get an Easter pressie this year, yoink!). Thinking about it now it wasn’t the best idea in the world, scoffing chocs when I only did 10 lengths wasn’t one of my best ideas!

Ttfn x

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