Monday, October 10, 2011

327 days to go

Last weekend I headed home to m&d’s without Adam to do weddingy stuff. Our first port of call Saturday morning was The Designer Vintage Bridal Show. I dragged poor dad out of bed so we could get there just after it opened cos I knew RocknRollBride had some magazines printed so I didn’t want her to run out (I didn’t need to worry though she had loads!). It was pretty cool getting there before everyone else cos it meant I could actually speak to Kat & also two other bloggers I follow - OMG I’m Getting Married & Love my Dress. I did feel a bit like a fangirl though but it was fun & really nice that they were all so interested in my wedding & what was being planned.
After the show we picked up mum & went to a local Bridal Shop to speak to someone about my dress & alterations that would need to be done. It felt so good to be able to talk to a seamstress about what needed to be done so that’s all ticked off I now just need to buy the dress which will probably be in December! Eeeek! Exciting but scary stuff! The healthy eating plan must start again now! It’s not been going too badly but I’ve still got about 10lbs to loose so the serious jive & swimming begins next week.

Sunday we went to another wedding fayre held at our reception venue. It’s always great to have another excuse to see it & bombard the poor woman with questions every time! I wasn’t sure we’d see anything we wanted/needed but we found some bargain bits & bobs a lovely new florist who did the most beautiful natural displays, we might still do it ourselves but at least there’s another option now. It’s been a very lovey dovey weekend – even my crisps came out heart shaped!
On a totally unrelated topic - today there’s great excitement in my little world. STEPS (the pop group I was obsessed with when I was younger) announced a reunion tour for next April. First I heard tickets go on sale on Friday, then there was a pre-sale with o2 for Wednesday, then I realised that if you bought their Ultimate Collection on a certain website then you could get pre-pre-sale tickets NOW! So although I have all the songs on the album, except for a cover of Dancing Queen I had to buy it & get tickets (they’re not daft are they?!). So far it’s Lou, m&d & me with 2 other people probably shotgunning the remaining 2 tickets & it looks like I’ll be seeing them in Manchester with Michelle too. I feel like I’m a 16year old all over again, better brush off the glitter hairspray & get the glowsticks ready! Yay! I do feel sorry for Adam though, he never knew me in my STEPS phase & I think this over-excitement will prove that if he can stick through STEPS reforming, we can get through anything!


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