Saturday, September 03, 2011

engagement shoot - popping down the park

I know it's been a while in coming but here's the 2nd of our engagement sessions with Lou. We decided on a shoot that contrasted quite a bit with our first one which you can see here
I got all excited about a park /picnic theme & decided to pull out my baking tins & get making some cupcakes. I'd seen a brill blog about making multicoloured cupcakes & wanted to give it a go. Mine didn't quite some out as bright as The Dainty Squid's but they still looked fun! 
I decorated the tops with our initials, lovey dovey hearts (bleugh!) & the date of our wedding. The day before Sainos were having a sale on DIY gingerbread men kits so of course I couldn't turn them down either.
We met Lou at Regents Park & worked the camera like the pros we tried to be. Thankfully the weather was much better than on our first shoot & the sun was shining (a bit too much at times for our poor eyes!).
After getting inspiration from other engagement shoots we decided we wanted to try using bubbles & balloons & we're really chuffed with how well these came out. The timing of Lou's photo above with the bubble around Adam's eye is ace & not a click of Photoshop in sight!
The balloons added a lovely colourful touch & it resulted in my favourite picture of the day below. Luckily we got all the shots we needed before they floated away & got stuck in a tree, yoink!
We decided we wanted old fashion coke bottles for a few pics, which was great until we suddenly realised we had no idea where to get them from. I finally found some in an Indian off-licence on our high street the night before. Ever since though we've been seeing them everywhere, typical!
By this point I think the sugar from the coke was really getting to me. I promise there wasn't a sneaky shot of rum in the bottles, though the photo below may make you think differently.
Take a look at Lou's Flickr site if you get a chance - her stuff's fab. We've got one more idea we'd like to do with her in London & then that's it 'till The Barbers (our official photographers) take over next year for their shoot & of course the wedding snaps! Woop!

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Those cupcakes look really jummy!