Thursday, September 15, 2011

engagement shoot - let's adore & endure each other

What a great piece of graffiti! These shots were taken as part of our first Engagement shoot with Lou (see here) but needed a bit of a tweak. Adam did his magic fingers thing on Photoshop, edited out a lamppost & we're left with these lovely pics :) Seriously what council numpty puts a lamppost right in the middle of this?!
Yay for lovey dovey graffiti!
See our second shoot with Lou here
Visit Lou's Flickr here
Ttfn x


Dad said...

Where did you put the lampost after your reemoved it. I hope it's not blocking anyones drive?

Katherine Elizabeth Dominguez said...

Hi KtP! I'm KtD (Katie Dominguez):-) heehee this is such wonderful graffiti! I would love to fill the world with such adorable spray paint.

-Katherine or Katie...whichevs