Wednesday, September 21, 2011

346 days to go

I know, I have planners of planners of planners but this very lovely wedding planner was different, honest!
I started a big old Excel "To Do" list recently to keep track of everything & to try & free up my brain so there's less wedding stuff flying around & more space for day to day things. Also, since more things are getting confirmed I wanted somewhere to keep all the info together & that's where this beauty comes in. Each page has sections to fill in for everything you need to know & the way it's been designed it'll make a lovely keep sake afterwards. Most people get shivers when they try on their wedding dress, I got shivers when I saw this book, that's how obsessively organised I like to be!
I can't wait to find a lovely pen so I can start filling in the gaps & adding photos. I loved the fact that on the Best Man page you have to rate how reliable he is on a scale of 1-5! There's even a page for working out the dreaded seating plan (which I'll be tackling with pencil for the first 20times at least that's for sure).
Recently I've realised that the Bride is the only person involved in a wedding who knows absolutely everything that's being planned (apart from additional surprises). There isn't one person I can tell everything to without them finding something out that was supposed to be a surprise. I've ended up with an original chart that's for my eyes only, one for Adam & I, then there's one that's slightly different for the bridesmaids & that's slightly different to my parents one. Even when this book's all filled in it'll be like my secret diary until after the wedding day. Maybe I should confide in a random that's not even invited to the wedding & then I don't have to keep this secret for another 346 days without popping?!
ttfn x

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