Wednesday, June 15, 2011

engagement shoot - graffiti goodies

I've been really excited about getting some photos of Adam & I done ever since we got engaged so I spoke to Lou (a.k.a bridesmaid, honorary sister according to most people at jive & un-official photographer!) to see what she could do. We got all excited coming up with ideas, where to go & when so we booked three dates, the first for the shoot, a second for backup & the third in case of the apocalypse, thankfully we've not needed the third one....yet.
Lou came round for tea & a chat last Friday. I got so excited at being able to talk to someone about the wedding that I ended up having verbal diarrhoea, poor girl. Hats off to her though she kept the enthusiam bubbling as I ploghed through my bulging book of ideas for photos, outfits & decorations, some of her facial expressions at some of our more 'individual' ideas were priceless! She then helped me rummage through my wardrobe when I was having an 'I've got nothing suitable to wear for this shoot' moment & found some pieces for me to base my outfits on & calmed me down (this is why she's gonna be such an invaluable bridesmaid - I need someone who can tell me to 'pack it in' & stop being 'mardy' when it starts to get a bit too much!).
We woke up Sunday morning to an overcast sky but decided to risk it seeing as it wasn't pouring with rain. As we left the house it was spitting but not too bad & looked like it might brighten up any minute so we hopped on the tube all excited. The problem was it looked like it was 'going to brighten up any minute' all blimmin day! So we ended up having a rather chilly & damp day for the photos hence the coats but never mind, it gave us more excuses to cuddle together (sorry a bit soppy there I know). I was also pretty chuffed though cos I love the idea of using puddles to reflect images so we got the chance to have a play around with a big one we found at the end of a tunnel. Our first shoot was all based around a graffiti backdrop (in case you hadn't guessed!) cos of all the lovely colours & patterns & we've got more ideas in the pipline for further excusrions on other days.
We started off around Shoreditch & Brick Lane heading to two specific pieces we'd liked & stopped off for a brunch, a bit of warmth & an outfit change at The Book Club where we'd had our engagement party. Lou ended up with the biggest & spongiest pancake I've ever seen - it was just a sponge cake, the size of a baking tin with maple syrup, bananas & strawberrys, Adam & I had the heathier giant jacket potato! After we realised we might be getting a bit too comfy on the sofa & were in danger of never leaving we dragged ourselves up & headed to Waterloo to the tunnel where the Cans Festival had been & is now an authorised graffiti area. It's a shame all the lovely Banksy pieces & other artists work have now long gone & have been covered over & over with other designs (& some very rubbish tags!) but hey that's what it's there for & that's what happens I guess, nothing there is meant to be permanent.
Adam & I had been a bit worried that we weren't going to know what to do for poses but with Lou yelling directions we needn't have panicked. I think we need to practise our 'freestyle posing' when we're told to just play around but we'll get there & we'll soon be working the camera like the best of 'em. I've definately been watching too much America's Next Top Model though cos I kept hearing Tyra Banks telling me to Smize (smile with your eyes!). The shots that were the funniest to take were along Shoreditch High Street where we were on one side of the road & Lou was on the other. We had to keep waiting for breaks in the traffic & when we saw one coming it was a case of - umbrella down, get ready, pose, smile......& umbrella back up again as a lorry drove by spraying us! These still need a bit of editing so will post them another day when we've had time to sort them out but there are some gems in there!
All in all it was a fab day & we can't wait for our next trip out with Lou next month (it better be dry & sunny otherwise we can't do it so fingers crossed). If you want to check out more of her fab photos click here for her Flickr site. You won't be disappointed! Thanks again Lou for such a fun day you rock!
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