Friday, September 23, 2011

lost shoes needing a loving home....

As I sat down on the tube the other day I looked across from my seat & was met by this sight. I put on my detective hat & came to the conclusion that there were 3 possible reasons for the shoes being there:
1. an invisible person was sitting there but their invisibility cloak didn't quite reach their feet (they also sit in a very awkward position & yes I have tried!)
2. the shoes belonged to one of these 2 guys but they were too embarrassed to pick them up when they left (I like to think this is the correct assumption!).
3. the most probable & boring - someone got off the tube after a day's work, their feet killing & either left them there on purpose (due to some nasty shoe bites) or forgot them. I wasn't even on the train that late so I don't think it can even be blamed on random drunken-ness. I wonder if she decided she'd had enough & pulled on some lovely comfy slippers & shuffled home, that's what I'd like to do some evenings.

ttfn x

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Mari said...

i'd go with the invisible person! LOL