Friday, September 09, 2011

We all need a bit of fun in our lives

So I decided to buy a Kinder Egg! I'm so rock&roll I amaze myself sometimes. I was quite excited when I opened it though cos they never normally break in half that neatly (unless they do but I'm usually too busy stuffing the chocolate in my face to notice?!). After the overly sweet treat came the exciting part - the toy.....when I was little dad used to help me make the cars, boats, monsters, etc that I found inside that difficult to open yellow plastic egg. This  time though they've made the egg easy to open & the random flying giraffe inside only had 4 parts. I was quite disappointed there wasn't loads of bits to do & stickers to stick but I guess it's a good job cos if I'd got stuck it's a 2hr drive to my parents for dad to sort it out!
Ttfn x

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mandyface said...

I love these things and am pretty jeals of your coolio giraffe!