Monday, September 05, 2011

a tv show that should have a health warning....

I've just watched what I think is one of the most stressful tv shows ever made....Don't Tell The Bride.
At first it seemed like a funny concept & a chance to fill up the sky box with more trashy tv, boy was I wrong. My blood pressure kept rising & rising & I ended up agreeing with the groom more than the bride on what makes a perfect day (think pubs v's castles). By the end of it I was so wound up cos the bride wasn't happy I started to worry ours wouldn't be perfect! After a few typical stressy 'P' moments I happened to remember Adam & I weren't part of some trashy tv show, we're planning our wedding for ourselves & not the general public to have something to watch while scoffing fish & chips (not a stereotype there at all!) so I got over it.

Anyways excuse me I'm just off to delete the series link from the sky box I can't cope with another episode.

p.s sorry all my posts seem to be about weddings, you've only got to put up with it for another 361 days! :P

1 comment:

Loulabelle said...

Hahaha us girls rule the Sky Box! Poor Garry doens't get a look in either ;o)

I like your style, I would prefer a nice pub to a "fairytale" castle any day. I can't understand grown women wanting to be "a princess for a day" peronally but each to their own. Although I'm oddly still drawn in by the show (I think I just a odd curiosity as it's almost car-crash tv).

Can't wait to see your big day! Personal is the way ahead xxx