Thursday, September 01, 2011

this time next year....

I'll be a MRS! I can't believe it, one year today I'll be getting married!

I know I've been doing the countdown for a while now but now we've reached one year to go it really means something! It's no longer a case of being a year in September, it's now a year from now! I've realised how quickly the days are going to fly & I'm so nervous but just as excited. It also means I can start using my rock'n'roll bride planner yay!
One thing it does mean though is we gotta get going on our to do list, rather then doing the odd things & thinking "ah we've still got over a year to go so that can wait". We've done pretty well so far but there's still so much to figure out & the list grows by the day.

The other thing I need to crack down on is the flipping diet! I was doing well till recently where I've stuck at a certain weight & I've still got quite a way to go so the salad eating needs to begin, the cakes must be banished, the jive shoes need to be brushed & the swimsuit needs to be aired! Bring it!

The other big news, as of yesterday, is I DON'T HAVE A CREDIT CARD ANYMORE! I paid off my last bill this month & it feels brill! I'll have a bit more money left over each month (which will be really welcome) & it means I can start putting a bit aside towards the wedding now as well.

It's not all sunshine & lollipops right now though, we did have one little set back yesterday but these things happen for a reason & are sent to try us, it'll all work itself out even though it's hard to see at the moment. That's all I'm going to say on that point though, there's no need to linger on it or say anymore so let the countdown begin!



Eloise said...

Ha this post was as if I've written it! I too have a year left before the big day annnd I paid off my student credit card last month, isn't it the best feeling? Its like when you were at school and finally finish a massive essay


ktpland said...

haha how fun to find someone else in the same boat! all the best with the planning/saving! x

Claire - English Wedding blog said...

How exciting - now the planning and fun begins in earnest, so enjoy it! Lovely to start the year without that credit card, and I hope your little setback was nothing too serious. Life isn't a smooth ride... but that's what marriage is all about too I guess.

Have an amazing year!

Claire xxx