Wednesday, September 07, 2011

jumping jack

I don’t know what’s wrong with me at the moment but I’m very jumpy, I must be trying to hide something!

Incident 1 – the wasp:
Wasps don’t really bother me that much & I was trying to get a rather dopey one out of the office window at work. It wasn’t working very well, I think it’d fallen asleep while flying at the speed it was going & then did an about turn & flew right into my face. I shrieked while everyone else was working hard & had to explain it was just a wasp & yes I was fine, how embarrassing!

Incident 2 – the door:
Well not the door itself but the person coming through it. I was walking down the corridor & got to the fire door which has no windows in it. I was merrily talking to myself (as you do) & in my own little world & pushed open the door to find a girl standing there about to pull the handle. She jumped, which made me jump & we burst out laughing & kept saying sorry long after each other had gone.

The final incident – the spider:
Just like everyone else who’s suffering from spider invasions in their house there was one in my camera bag. I leaped away from it & asked Adam (who’s also scared of them) to get rid of it while I stood in the doorway. It went very tense as he peered into the case but couldn’t see it, he kept flipping over flaps & moving things carefully as he searched for the offending creature, I then felt something on my shoulder & I freaked! I jumped into the air & shouted which made Adam do the same… I turned round to see what was there it was just the cuff of a shirt that was hanging up drying & the spider was never found……..

After all this I think I need to lie down in a darkened room & take a chill pill!


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