Saturday, September 17, 2011

I'm finally giving in......

to the Autumnal weather. I've been trying & trying to put off getting my Wintery stuff out (it's only September for goodness sake!) but the time has finally come. So today I packed away all of my lovely summery sandals to the top of the wardobe & got my boots ready.
My excuse for keeping them out was that I was due to go to India in October with work so I'd need them then, but now the trip's off, so I've had to admit I probably won't wear them again this year. I can't believe I've only worn my new gingham sandles once since buying them! I'm not complaining too much though cos Autumn & Winter are my favourite seasons, bring on crisp sunny days, the nights drawing in & being snug as a bug in big coats, scarfs & hats, nowt better!

(Sod's law we'll end up having an Indian Summer now!)
Ttfn x

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