Sunday, September 11, 2011

Isabelle's special day

Last Sunday it was Isabelle's Christening. It's been a while since I saw all of Adam's family together so it was nice to have a good catch up with them all. I had a text the night before asking if I'd be official photographer so as soon as we arrived the Lumix was out & snapping away. Isabelle's turning into such a smiley cutie & a pleasure to photograph.
The service was held at the church Nick & Lisa are getting married at next July so it was nice to get a sneak preview at the beautiful building. While we were waiting for the service to start Brandon & his pals all got together for a catch up, I love this photo below.
Afterwards we all headed back to Nick & Lisa's & as we got back it started to pour down, typical, so the kids were all piled into Brandon's room to play instead of having the garden space to run around in. I didn't see the state of it after we'd left but I didn't envy the tidying up!
Adam was Isabelle's godfather (well if we're being technical 'Christian Sponsor') & he got a lovely little Godfather kit. It contained:
~ ping pong ball - to help you bounce through the journey of being a Godfather.
~ pencil - to 'write' their wrongs.
~ candle - to be your Godchild's guiding light.
~ tissue - wipe the tears of joy & mop the tears of sorrow.
~ puzzle piece - you're an important part of their life.
~ crayons - to colour their future bright.
~ mint - Godfather....your job is worth a 'mint.'
~ seeds - for sowing the seeds of wisdom & knowledge.
That's about it for now & I'll just leave it to the girl of the day to say bye.....

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mandyface said...

Oh my! What sweet pics! You captured everything so beautifully!