Wednesday, March 13, 2013

School days are the best days of your life

Still on the topic of Johnny Cupcakes Adam, Phil & I went to the Johnny Cupcakes lecture series in central London & boy was it money well spent!

I won’t try to explain everything in this post cos you really should hear it all from the horse’s mouth but Johnny covered everything from how he started out making money as a kid, to creating the brand & finally to opening his stores. I could have listened to him all night but unfortunately at 10:30pm (after 2.5hrs of talking & a few questions) we were all turfed out from the Old Cinema. My stomach was grateful that we could finally hop into McDs on the way home but my brain was being mega greedy & just wanted more & more from the cupcake master himself!

I left the lecture hall really inspired & excited at what the future could hold & lots of tips & tricks up my sleeve (including plastic cockroaches, itching powder & Bongella!)

Photo thanks to Johnny Cupcakes Twitter/Instagram (see link HERE) from the lecture on Monday, it's a bit like Where's Wally so I've helped y'all by circling myself already!

There's one phrase that always catches my attention when I think of Johnny Cupcakes:
I originally had a different version of this badge on my bag but I lost it while we were on Minimoon. At first I was a bit gutted when I saw the gap where it had been & when I went to buy another one they said they didn’t have them anymore, but then I thought about what the badge said & I hoped that someone had found it in Jersey , picked it up, read it & smiled. Maybe it’s my little way of spreading some happiness & when this one falls off my bag one day then it’ll make someone else smile. I like to think that anyway & that it wasn’t just swept up by a cleaner & chucked in a wheelie bin!

Ttfn x

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