Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Congrats to Mr & Mrs M!

Welcome to Becca & PJ's wet wedding weekend!
 photo 1wetweddingchurch_zpsb202f07a.jpg
I know you've probably heard everyone grumbling about the weather already & I'm afraid I'm going to join in....where's the spring?! When Becca & PJ planned their wedding for March I'm sure they didn't expect it to be so wet & windy. No amount of minging weather was going to dampen anyone's spirits though & a few damp hair doos & soggy shoes weren't going to keep us away.
 photo 2churchentertainment_zps18e6ba93.jpg
PJ looked very cool, calm & collected as we waited (& waited!) for the blushing bride to arrive. The service was lovely & really heartfelt. After a few soggy photos outside we all mingled in the church enjoying some sarnies & Bucks Fizz before setting off to the recepetion.
 photo 3cuttingthecake_zpsbcbd44c2.jpg
The food was yummy (anywhere that serves Black Pudding as part of their starter is a winner in my eyes!) & there was even a guest ale on tap (that ran out a bit too quickly!). All throughout the day there were wonderful handmade touches, from the flowers on the tables that Becca's parents had grown to the lovely cake & cake topper. Speaking of the cake it was cut using a sword from PJs family. There was an info sheet explaining where it had came from but in all the excitement of the disco I forgot to take a peek so I'm still none the wiser - boo!
 photo 4thehappycouples_zps213207f9.jpg
There wasn't a first dance planned but later on in the evening the dance floor cleared to allow the happy couple a little slow dance & it was so sweet.
 photo 5dancing_zpsd5c42cf1.jpg
The disco was muchos fun (once I'd changed my shoes!). Seeing as Becca & I have known each other since starting uni there were lots of old faces around that I caught up with, it was just like FND (Friday Night Disco) but with a few other faces around & no pints of Nasty! I think this photo above is what happens when you mix numerous sugary drinks & sneaky raids to the sweet table! Who needs alcohol?! Yoink!
 photo 6thelookoflove_zps2d8dbd80.jpg
All that's left to say is Congratumalations! You're fab together, enjoy your Honeymoon (hopefully with warmer weather than here?! :P) & here's to many years of happiness! Love you guys! :D

Ttfn x

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