Wednesday, March 20, 2013

The day the Queen saw the Queen

I'd been grumbling all morning cos my journey into work was really slow thanks to some of the platforms being out of action at Baker Street. As I struggled through an unusually busy station I passed quite a few policemen & then a wall of Paparazzi, now I know some people call me an Exhibitionist but even for me that was madness!  I tried to see what was going on but I got pushed along with everyone else & didn’t think much more of it. I got into work & switched on the radio to hear that the Queen & Kate were due to visit Baker Street as part of the 150years of the London Underground celebrations.
Sab & I dashed out to see if we could spot her & only had to wait about 10min (she was obviously waiting for us to arrive) before her car pulled up outside. I couldn’t see much but had set the work camera on a burst setting as the car went by hoping to get a glimpse, but typical, the camera didn’t work (where’s Lumix when you need it?!) so all I got was the road before the car went by & after the car had passed. Joy!
Even though you can't see Her Maj I like this photo & it looks typically British with her car, the underground sign, policeman & red bus! I’m really jealous of the double decker tourist bus that happened to stop right outside the station though, lucky devils!

Just before we left I turned around & by chance spotted her walking from the car past the Paparazzi & Sab spotted Kate following behind. How exciting! It’s not everyday you get a Royal visit at the end of your road!

Ttfn x

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