Friday, March 15, 2013

Le Geek, C'est Chic!

Last Wednesday was #loadingsoho 's first event in London. They've got a bar in Falmouth (check out their website HERE) & wanted to trial a night in London. Going by how packed the venue was it went down pretty well! SO watch this space for them hosting a regular night from April.
 photo loadingsoho_zpsc0d225dd.jpg
The walls & windows were decorated by Cosmic (link HERE) & they had themed drinks based on video games past & present. Ash had "Truth, Lie, Stout," Adam had "Sugar & Splice" & mine was "G&T Virus" complete with sloe gin syringes! We topped the night off with Super Mario Level One shooters too. All this on a school night! Rebels!
 photo gamerdrinks_zpsf82b311f.jpg
Once we squeezed past everyone at the bar we were greeted with a mix of retro & modern consoles & board games. We managed to jump on the Super Nintendo for a bit of Micro Machines, Mario Kart & Street Fighter. I did my best button bashing & managed to beat Ash who was playing it properly!
 photo supernintendo_zps5bda2616.jpg
Well hopefully this won't be the last you see of this event cos it was really good fun as an excuse for a night out & a chance to play some classic games!  Be there or be square!

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