Monday, March 04, 2013

so dangerous it should come with a health warning....

That's right I'm talking about Primark, the day after payday, at 8am on Oxford Street. Yoink!
This is only the dress section of my haul! 
While doing a little fashion show over the weekend Adam pointed out the dresses are all the same just in different fabrics! Which is true but just look at them! They're so pretty! 

In the end I decided to keep just 3 of them (cue my bank account breathing a huge sigh of relief!), as well as a few other bits & bobs that just fell into my basket on the way to the till! Whoops!

Ttfn x


Anonymous said...

What did you keep?!?! :)

ktpland said...

I kept 3 of the dresses as well as a jumper, 2 skirts & 3 tops! Whoops! x