Friday, March 01, 2013

Destination unknown!

The last couple of weeks have been spent trying to plan our belated honeymoon. We’d set our sights on 2/3 weeks in Japan but it turns out Japan’s a rather expensive place! Hence these pictures of us emptying our jar of change that sits in the corner of the lounge – you’d be surprised how much was in there!
 photo honeymoonmoneyjar1_zps64409091.jpg
We kind of knew it would be an expensive trip, but with the amount of money we’d kindly got from our wedding guests we thought we’d be high & dry. Turns out that we just have enough for one of us to go on a guided tour for 7days! After Adam very kindly offered to go & promised he’d Skype everyday we reluctantly turned back to the drawing board for ideas. Boo!
 photo honeymoonmoneyjar2_zpsb6ce815e.jpg
We had a few backups that would be fun (but nothing compared to Japan) so we mooched around the interwebs trying to find a solution.
 photo honeymoonmoneyjar3_zps45f02884.jpg
Now I think we’ve found one! It means we’ll be there for a week but that’s better than nothing & we’ll still get to travel around a bit! So keep your fingers crossed that the plans all go ahead (& prices don’t go up between now & finding time to sit down to book everything!)!
 photo honeymoonmoneyjar4_zpsfa83e57c.jpg
Japan here we come! Hopefully!

TTfn x


Anonymous said...

Planning is all part of the fun, right?

ktpland said...

as long as it has a happy ending! x