Friday, March 22, 2013

let's get down wit da kids

I've heard a lot about Bubble Tea on various blogs so when Adam, Ash & I were in Soho last week I convinced them to give it a go. I tried to walk in & look like I knew exactly what I wanted but being faced with all the weird & wonderful names I drew a blank & just said to the guy dressed as a scientist 'What is this?!'
 photo bubbletea_zps5d22c8ad.jpg
He explained it was made with Tapioca balls & various flavours (should have known then we weren't onto a winner) & we were advised as newbies that we should try a cold fruit tea first so I went for Ginger with popping Orange balls while the others braved it & had a warm milky tea.

I wish I'd risked it too. I'm not a fan of ice lemon tea at the best of times so quite why I thought this would be any different I have no idea! The first 3 sips were a novelty & when an Orange 'bubble' popped that was fun but after that I just started to feel a bit queasy! Adam & Ash got on a bit better & managed to finish most of theirs (tho Adam was off ill the day after - coincidence?!).
 photo bubbletea2_zps2fcf896c.jpg
So all in all even though the cafe was packed & people keep blogging/tweeting/face booking  about Bubble Tea I'm not sold. Give me a mug of Tetley or PG Tips any day, milk & no sugar please.

Ttfn x


Slink said...

ummm... is this a "legal high" kind of thing?? :-S

ktpland said...

haha it's totally legal but should come with a mega health warning! :S x