Friday, March 29, 2013

For every action there's an equal & opposite reaction

Wow I do remember summit from school! A lot has been going down at Chez P over the last few weeks & it's been hard not to blog about anything. And no, I know what you're all thinking, no I'm not pregnant! For me it's just as exciting (& a bit scary) – I've got a new job!

I've been with Zodiac for almost 7years (how did that happen?!) & I can't believe it's still my first job. I've learnt so much about anything & everything to do with shirts, fabrics & the working world & made lots of friends along the way, but I decided it was time to move onwards & upwards. I saw a job advert, applied, had an interview, had a 2nd interview a day later & was offered the job. All in a week! Phew! Yesterday was my last day as part of Team Zodiac & I start my new job on Tuesday.
 photo leavingparty_zps954247c5.jpg
At my Leaving / Holi Party at Dishoom in Shoreditch - Amazing!

It was pretty nerve racking seeing as I'd never had a job interview before or shown my portfolio but I must have charmed them with my wit & wonderfulness & here I am, about to start a new job with new challenges & new faces. Yay!

Thing is if we go by Newton's Law something else had to happen to balance everything out & it did....Adam lost his job :( boo. Thankfully this new job has given me one hell of a pay rise so I can actually afford to cover the mortgage & bills without the pressure being on Adam. So he's busy sorting out his portfolio & preparing for interviews so fingers crossed he'll be back on his feet again in no time & wowing the world of graphics once more.

On that bombshell have a lovely Easter, don't eat too much chocolate. I failed big time with lent this year (first time ever I've not stuck to it) so I'm going to eat even more sweet stuff than I'd eaten before! Bring it on!

Ttfn x


@distract_me said...

Congratulations, that's really exciting. Hopefully Adam will find a new job soon. xx

ktpland said...

Cheers! It's exciting stuff! x

Anonymous said...

I am so excited for you, Ktp! Looking forward to catching up VERY Soon [Louise S] xx

ktpland said...

Cheers Lou! Will be in touch soon :) x