Friday, July 06, 2012

say my name!

I've never thought twice about taking Adam's name when we get married (56 days to go!) but I thought this article from RocknRollBride was quite interesting.

 Don't get me wrong I've always loved my surname & the 'Plumpy' nickname it got me, it always raises a smile when you meet someone for the first time & they don't forget you easily. I think the things that's made the change easier is that Adam's surname also starts with a 'P' so I'll still be known as KtP (my nick name since junior school) or just 'P' for short since uni. I've even started signing cards from the 2 of us as 'The P's' so I don't think that'll be dropped anytime soon! It's kinda nice, I get a new surname when I start my married life with Adam but still carry some of my old name with me. Win win! What do you think?

Ttfn x


Slink said...

I haven't read the article yet but I doubt I'll take another man's name if I (ever) get married. It would depend on his family somewhat and if I would feel a part of it, but I wouldn't want to lose the association of my own roots, plus the usual feminist ownership arguments. I always want to be Sarah Ashton. Besides, It's a hell of a hassle changing documentation and websites lol! xx

ktpland said...

fair doos! I'm dreading all the paperwork that'll come with changing my name but can't wait either! x