Friday, July 20, 2012

everybody partay!

carrying on from my last two posts (click HERE & HERE).Once we'd topped up on alcohol & sugar it was time for Nick & Lisa's first dance followed by the daddy / daughter dance. I'm not sure how much of it was the emotion of the day & how much was the ale but I must confess I blubbed a bit!
Everyone looked so happy & you wouldn't have believed it was the first time the happy couple had danced together in 9years of being together!
I was really impressed at how quickly the lads all got up on the floor to have a boogie I had visions of dragging them on there kicking & screaming one by one but no they were up there with the best of them! Brill!
A few pics of Lisa, Jenna, Adam & Isabelle - the little trooper stayed awake all night till it was time to go home & Isabelle did too! :P
I love the middle photos of Lisa with Isabelle.
Adam then took over little Lumix & turned out to be a rather fab photography wingman! I've figured out I get rather animated when I get into the disco (& have a few home brew ales inside me!).
What better way to build up the energy again than a good old hog roast with heaps of crackling! I'm sexy & I know it! ;)
Bring on a bit of Build Me Up Buttercup fake Karaoke with an inflatable microphone!
Followed by the Locomotion & more importantly....
Tragedy! Couldn't miss up on that & the DJ even played Cha Cha Slide! Does anyone else remember that?! I've not danced to it for years!
Before the end of the night Lisa threw her bouquet - she got a bit carried away though & threw it so high it hit the ceiling beam & fell on the floor right behind her leaving the girls to scrabble for it.
I'll end with one last photo of the happy couple. This is my fave of the day.
All that's left for me to say is CONGRATS NICK & LISA! :)
Oh & Nick don't be too harsh on Adam in his best man's speech yeah?! :P
TTfn x

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