Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Here comes the bride....

Last week Adam's sister Lisa got married to his best mate Nick (you couldn't plan it better!). I was lucky enough to be a bridesmaid & part time official photographer (try & stop me clicking away)!
It's been really fun planning our wedding alongside Nick & Lisa cos we both knew our weddings would be different enough to not worry about nicking ideas (or is it just me that gets overly protective with my plans?!) so we ended up going to quite a few wedding fairs together. We've always felt quite comfy cos we've known we're getting married 'after Nick & Lisa' but now that security blanket's gone & it's not that far away!
Jenna, Tina, Christina, Jennifer & I all arrived at Lisa's house early to have our hair styled & to do our makeup while the kids were looked after at Jill & Keith's. It was quite nice to have a few hours to natter away excitedly with the odd glass of wine(!) while we got ready before the real mayhem began.
I was quite nervous about doing my own makeup cos I only ever put a bit of eyeliner on & a brush of mascara, this time I had to tackle foundation, blusher, false eyelashes (which I never stuck on!) & lipgloss. I needn't have worried though & my eye shadow technique was adopted by some of the others (I even did bits of them), who'd've thunk it?! If I even get bored designing shirts I could become a make up artist! :P
Once the kids had arrived & we were all looking dolled up it was time to get on the dresses. The kids went first & I helped to do up all those tricky buttons cos I was the only one who didn't have long french manicured nails (always practical me! :P). The excitement of the day even caused Katie's tooth to come out!
Everything had seemed really calm all morning then the last half hour was manic. Jenna & I helped Lisa into her dress before we all jumped into taxis to get to the church. I don't have any more photos until I was reunited with Lumix at the church so I'll skip right there in tomorrow's post!

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