Monday, July 09, 2012

Noah the Birthday Boy.

Last weekend it was Noah's first birthday party & even with a random dodgy sore toe I wasn't going to miss out on a photo opportunity like this!
It's always fun taking photos of a new little person & see what makes them tick, Noah's such a joy too cos he's so smiley!
There was only one theme there could be for Noah's birthday cake & Jenna & Matt did such a great job making sure there were pairs of all the animals safely on the ark!
We'd planned on heading down to the park for a picnic but the British weather wasn't having any of it & as we pulled down the road to the flat it started raining. It wasn't for long, but long enough to rule out the park. Thankfully though there was a patch of grass just outside that was a perfect size for us all to sit down to lunch while everyone took it in turns in Matt's hammock (I was too chicken with my poorly foot!)
This is my favourite pic of the day of Adam & Isabelle.
Straight after loads of sarnies, crisps, chocolate & cake Matt & the kids sat on the hammock while Matt's dad pushed it like a swing. Thankfully there were no re-appearances of the food just smiles!
Soon a cuppa was calling so we all went inside for a brew & pressies. Noah didn't have a great deal of enthusiasm for his gifts but he smiled along as his mum had a great time unwrapping everything!
I'll end with a little group shot of the three of them, tired but happy. Thanks for a lovely day, sorry about the dodgy cakes (turns out I had the recipe wrong & missed out a whole layer of pastry!) but yours certainly made up for mine! The last thing for me to say is:


Ttfn x

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