Friday, July 27, 2012

This little light of mine, I'm gonna let it shine!

It was beginning to feel like the world & his wife had seen the Olympic Torch, everyone that is except me! I got all excited when I found out it would be going down the bottom of my road, which would have been brill, except it was on a Wednesday, at noon. Useful! I really think they should do the torch relay from 5:30pm through till 9am, that way more people would be free & also it would be dark & so easier to see! Anyone with me?! I started to loose hope I'd see it & instead have to watch it on tv going past all the places I know. Adam made me even more jealous when he produced a photo he'd taken of the torch passing his work on Monday evening. Not impressed!
Yesterday morning though my dream came true! I was checking the torch relay website when I spotted it would be lit at Chalk Farm at 6:48am (rather precise!). Bit of an early start but it made sure I wouldn't be at work & it's on my way in so how could I refuse?!
I set my alarm for 4:45am (eager beaver I know!) & arrived at Chalk Farm at 6:15am. It was kind of like going on holiday in the way that I didn't mind the early start, try & get me up at 5am to get to work early & I'm not a happy bunny, set the same alarm slightly earlier for me to look at a gas flame & I'm there, I even woke up before my alarm! Every one was in a great mood & as I left the tube station the coke lorry went by blaring music out & I got a sudden jolt of excitement. I started grinning & a girl came up to me & said "exciting isn't it?!"
I managed to stand opposite the Roundhouse where it was due to be lit. I didn't see it actually being lit or have as good a view of the torch as my camera did (thanks to standing on tip toes & stretching my arms!) but I was there! I cheered on the Olympic Torch wow! 
The carrier was the rugby legend Sir Clive Woodward who led England to win the Rugby World Cup in 2003 & he was loving it!
Just a few people turned out to wave the torch (!!) on it's penultimate day's journey before the opening ceremony tomorrow. I can't believe the Olympics start tomorrow!
Seeing as I was on my way to work I couldn't really deck myself out in full red white & blue attire but I made sure I took mum's flag & tied it to my bag in a big bow so I could still join in being proud to be British!
After stopping off to hear the choir outside the Roundhouse I set off for work rather tired but happy as the early start hit me! *yawn*
Ttfn x

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