Wednesday, July 04, 2012

This was the sound from Camden Town

It's been way too long since we saw The Gaslight Anthem on this side of the pond so when they announced a one off gig at KOKO in June Adam & I were right in there on 02 priority crossing our fingers for tickets, (well dad was, we were both in meetings so dad sat there trying to buy tickets while I kept annoying him about whether he'd got them yet! That's what dads are for right?! Thanks dad! :) )
I'd never been to KOKO before & I couldn't believe how beautiful it was inside. I love all the venues in London that used to be theatres & the fact they've been left with all their elegant decorations, character & history. I stand there sometimes wondering what shows people would have seen back in the day & if they could see it now what would they think?!
Seeing as the gig was on a Monday (I know who goes to a gig on a Monday?!) we couldn't get there mega early to queue up so we'd decided way in advance we wouldn't even try to get near the front (shocking for us!) so when we got in we headed straight up to the balcony & got a great view of everything. Yes it was further back than we've ever been before & I was mega jealous of everyone else in the frow but hey it meant Adam didn't have to protect me from getting squished & we could enjoy the gig & have a bit of a shimmy & a hug to a certain song that's going to be very special to us come September 1st!
We were expecting lots of new songs from the new album (that's not out yet) but instead they only played a few songs off Handwritten, the rest were all the old favourites from the previous albums that everyone knows & loves so well. Woop!
Everyone was in high spirits including Brian, who at one point was so excited he disappeared off stage & re-appeared in one of the boxes. He waved to everyone below him before climbing the railings & jumping down. I went all 'mum' on him at this point & got all worried thinking this could be a swift end to a ruddy good show but there were so many hands waiting to catch him I needn't have worried. I wasn't sure we were going to get him back though, the crowd wanted him to stay with them & not get back up on stage!
As with all good things, the gig was over too soon with promises of coming back in the Fall on tour & sure enough the tickets went up on sale a week or two ago & we snatched them up again so roll on October 15th! Let me know if any of you are going? Woop!

Ttfn x

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