Monday, July 30, 2012

Olympic Torches are just like buses....

you wait ages for one then two come along at once!
After getting all excited at seeing the Olympic Torch on Thursday (see post HERE) we found out it would be coming along the river Thames on it's way to the Stadium for the opening ceremony. Our new office has a balcony so I got in early to hang out a Union Jack & get my camera ready!
After doing my bit & standing on my own ringing in the Olympics using a cow bell iPhone app at 8:12 to 8:15am (no I've not cracked, see more about it HERE) we started to track the torch's progress on the the BBC website, when we saw it was just going past Kew we headed down to the river side to get a better view.
While we stood there, in typical British fashion, the heavens opened. Thankfully we just had time for Simon to go & grab an umbrella before the excitement began.
We could hear the cheers from along the river so we knew the barge was coming. It was being carried on Gloriana the Queen's barge.
It was so cool to get to see it again. Twice in two days!
After the Gloriana rowed by there were a few more boats following along. I thought the one below looked like a Morris Dancer's boat, they should have had bells on the oars!
The Richmond Scouts were rowing along too.
After a little break & lots of horn honking there was a bit of a party boat tagging along behind. I'm not sure if they were part of the organised boats or not but they were certainly having fun & getting a bit tipsy by the sounds of it!
I'm sure most (if not all) of you have seen the Opening Ceremony by now. How awesome?! So proud to be a Brit! I keep trying to write down my highlights of the evening but there are too many to pick out, from Rowan Atkinson, to the Queen & James Bond, to all the fab dancers (quite a lot of them from JiveNation woop!), to Team GB in their blinging tracksuits & to the flame lighting a stunning beacon. Wow! If you've not seen it yet get on tinternet & google it. MIMO! Less than a week & I'll be at the stadium, actually at the Olympics! Cheering on Jessica Ennis & Mo Farrah, you think I'm excited?! You don't know my mum then! Woop!


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