Monday, July 16, 2012

Chick Party 1

This weekend it was all about me (what's new?!). With just under 7weeks to go some of the girlies I went to college with had decided I should have a bit of a pamper & a relax before it goes crazy. Also seeing as my real Hen Party isn't until after the wedding they decided to throw me a mini Hen Party - otherwise now known as a Chick Party! Liz found a really great deal for £70 each that allowed us full use of the pool & gym, 2 treatments & a 2 course lunch click here for more info.
Karen, Mum, Me, Liz & Becky
It was originally supposed to be me plus 4 of my gals but poor Laura was ill so mum got the chance to have a bit of a pamper too which was a welcome treat!
We went to Stapleford Park in Leicestershire & it was stunning (we had a sneaky peak in one room that was getting ready for a wedding later that day & wow! Just think loads of chandeliers, crisp white table linen & a light up dancefloor!)
As we were being lead through the house to get to the pool I felt like a Japanese tourist clicking away but I couldn't help it, it was lovely.
We couldn't wait to have a splash in the pool then mum & I relaxed in the hot tub while the others made use of the Sauna & Steam Room - is it just me, I don't find sitting in a room getting hot & sweaty that appealing?!
The pool, Spa & Pavilion were all in different parts of the grounds & thankfully it wasn't raining so we got to make full use of the gardens & pathways. Though I was a bit disappointed it didn't rain cos we'd been told if it did we could be driven around in golf buggies!
After a yummy 2 course lunch of proper food (no healthy rabbit food in sight!) it was time for our treatments. We all had a back massage & facial & I actually fell asleep a few times in the facial. I hope I didn't, but I have a horrible feeling I might have snored in the poor woman's face!
On the lawns outside the main house they had loads of games so we stopped off at the giant chess board before we 'played' (I use this term lightly!) croquet! 
After sitting reading the newspapers & filling in the sudokus back at the Pavilion we dropped Karen off at the train station & mum met dad leaving Becky, Liz & I to have a girly sleepover.
Liz had decorated the dining table with Hen Party bits & bobs & I had a wonderfully blinging necklace I wore all day. We nattered away over (a few too many) glasses of Pimms before our girly night turned a bit more blokey involving Tony supplying me with Corona & watching the David Haye fight! It seems I can never manage a 100% girly day?!

It was so much fun & a great excuse to spend time with everyone. Weddings really do bring out the best parties & get togethers!

Ttfn x

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