Friday, April 15, 2011

We're having a party...

A Rock n Roll bride party to be precise. I've been following Kat's blog for a year or two now mainly cos of the fab photography on there but now it's even better cos I get sneaky wedding ideas too! She decided to host a party in central London, 500people applied, 200 got tickets including Adam & I  & that's where we went last night.
We met at picadilly circus & went for dinner at a very gurmpy Strada before heading into soho.
I'm always a sucker for a blue plaque so went up to this one to see who'd lived at that building & it took me ages to actually read what it said properly!
The party was at The Graphic Bar & it was ace inside. They had graffiti on shutters on the walls, typography prints hanging up (Adam was happy!) & the best of all? They served the rock n roll bride punch in paint tins!
It was really cool getting to meet the lovely lady herself & say how great I thought the blog was, geeky I know! It was really odd though thinking about it, there were 200people there who didn't necessarily know each other but all had the rock n roll bride in common. Also on the other foot, we all read Kat's blog & so we think we know things about her but she hasn't got a clue who we are! Stalkerish it what?!
There was a really yummy cupcake stand (red velvet or peanut butter!) as well as lots of yummy sweets all set out by people in the business. There was a photobooth too so looking forward to seeing our pics on there!
Us with our cakes. I went for the peanut butter one, it was scrummy but very very sweet!
Adam with his red velvet.
The sweetie people were handing out recipies for true love as well which were pretty rude but quite funny!
*edit* I had thought these were being handed out by the sweetie people but they were in fact a random edition!
Strike a pose!
Me & my second paint tin of the night! These were the single ones but you could also get bigger tins with plastic handles that you could share with straws or drink from a paint tray!
Once we left we walked past snog & I always love their lights that keep changing colour.
We then passed through Leicester square where a band were playing a little gig & busking so we stayed there for a while listening to their stuff. They did some fab covers as well as their own stuff. On top of the guys in the photo there was also a trumpet & saxofone player. 
I tried to take this photo of a woman who was doing some crazy dancing to the band's music but she was moving too fast. She was busting some proper moves though!!
We then got on the tube & I spent most if the journey trying to get a photo of me blowing a bubble with the pink bubblegum at the party! It ain't as easy as you think when you have to factor in the time delay of the photo being taken as well as the split second the bubble & your face look kinda decent!
All in all it was a brill night tho I'm cream crackered now, I had summit on every night so far, roll on Saturday & sleeping till Sunday!!
roaming reporter KtPx


Kat said...

thanks so much for your report! it was so lovly to meet you!

Kat -rocknrollbride said...

Oh..but I just have to the point out that that recipe for love thing was nothing to do with me or the girl who was running the sweetie table. Someone took it upon themselves to bring that themselves ...why I don't know! I personally found it well...gross ha!