Friday, April 29, 2011

True Brit

Well the wait is finally over & most importantly we know what the dress looked like (how gorgeous?!)!
The rents & I got up at 6am this morning to witness one if those 'where were you when...' moments & we can proudly say we saw it all in person!

We thought that when we arrived at 7ish the mall would be packed & we'd just watch it all from trafalgar square but no, there was still space! We wandered down & ended up on the side of the road opposite the turning on the mall 2/3 people deep!

We got so many free flags while waiting but we refused to advertise by using the bigger ones with logos on & used our smaller plastic ones instead! We'd been there about an hour when I needed the loo (how old am I?!) so wandered to McDs & had to wait about 30min! This is a photo of half the queue!

I managed to fight my way back to ma & pa & not drink a drop more!
Later on a brass band started playing to keep us entertained & we sang along to 'my old man said follow the van' & 'knees up mother brown!'

At about 10am you could feel the excitement growing, flags started waving & Prince William & Harry drove straight past! They were followed by Charles & Camilla & then the one I was most excited about - the Queenie herself! Kate came along last, we all cheered & then breathed a sigh of relief cos it meant the crowds behind us thinned out & we finally managed to have a bit of a sit down & a little picnic while we listened to the service over loud speakers.

There were cheers when they happy couple said 'i do' & a big roar & claps (as well as a few champagne corks!) when they were announced husband & wife. When we heard the procession back to buck palace was getting ready we took our places again & got all excited! We had a lovely view of Will & Kate in their carriage & we were on Kate's side which was cool cos we saw her so well. We cheered along & waved our flags to everyone going by & then headed to the nearest crossing point where they were going to open the barriers to walk down the mall to the balcony. On the way I was pretty excited to see another Queen - a pearly Queen!

Eventually we were let down the mall & as luck would have it they filled it up from the back forwards so we ended up walking a long way rather than being stuck at the back as we thought we might be.

We finally came to a stop to the left of Queen Victoria's statue & had a brillaint view of he infamous balcony! We kept seeing the curtains twitching & eventually the doors were opened & the newly weds stepped out. We saw them all waving & even saw both kisses! Dad was trying to get photos on his camera so I used my iPhone to get a few snaps & the one below shows pretty much exactly how far back we were so not bad at all! If you squint you can see everyone standing on the balcony too!

After lots of waving from both parties it was time for the fly by. Nowt much to say apart from there being noisy big planes!!

We headed towards Waterloo station & passed by Westminster Abby where the bells were still chiming & then to the houses of parliament. It was brill cos all the roads were closed so we got to walk over Westminster Bridge in the middle of it! Never thought I'd do that!

By this point we still hadn't seen THE DRESS! So I went online to have a closer look, then when we got back home & the rents had a cuppa before driving home we watched what we'd recorded on BBC1 so we could see the dress & also try to spot us in 1million, yes 1million, people that were there!
It was a knackering but brilliant day & wouldn't have swapped it for the world! Congrats to the happy couple!

roaming reporter KtPx

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Bridal Musings said...

Wow! How cool that you were actually there, love your write up & photos {& the fact that the crowd was singing 'my old man said follow the van'!} x