Tuesday, April 19, 2011

An apple a day keeps the dr away

That's cos you'll be at the dentist! I had my first apple in aaages & boy did it hurt my teeth! Now the weather's so much better I'm really trying to have a bit more fruit & thought a lovely granny smith would be the answer. It was yummy yeah, but I don't think I want to sacrifice my front teeth for it! The idea is to loose weight for the wedding but I don't think Adam would be chuffed if I arrived at the church a size 0 (as if!!) & then gave him a gummy grin!

It was so nice to stand outside for a mid afternoon break munching on my apple looking at the river flowing past & the sun beating down. It's days like these that the 2hr commute doesn't seem so bad when you know you'll be greeted with a view like this.

Off to jive tonight & I'm going to meet Lou for a natter & apple pie first - wow apple again! That's like double the dose of fruit, I can just feel the weight dropping off! (now do you see why I'm rubbish at dieting?!) hehe.

roaming reporter KtPx

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