Monday, April 04, 2011

Arty Farty weekend!

For once we had a very quiet weekend which makes a nice change! No one was visiting & we weren't visiting anyone. So what better way to spend this time by sleeping till noon (not done that in aaaages!) & watching coach trip?! We ended up having a bit of a marathon with the odd ace of cakes thrown in for good measure!

Loving the fact that we can sit with the curtains open for longer as well now. While we were watching out gazillionth episode of Brendan & his bitchy passengers we noticed a gorgeous sunset round the back of our house.

I took this photo from our bedroom window & love how retro it looks!

Adam had his phone out too as we tried to beat each other with who could get the best hipstamatic effect on our sunsets!

Then out came the tophat for a silhouette shot! Love it!

After the excitement had died down it was back to the tv! This time the coach trippers were learning how to paint like Picasso where you draw half the face from the front & half from the side. So us being us & getting into the show we decided to try sketching like that too!

This is my one of Adam!

This is Adam's of me!

They have taken pride if place on our fridge! It was a bit scary drawing though cos we both realized how long it's been since we held a pen & tried to draw. Would love to try getting back into life drawing again one day but I expect that'll be when scientists add an extra 2hrs into the day!

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