Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Venting his fustration

I'm sitting next to a guy on the tube who's playing angry birds (no suprise there!) & as he's playing he keeps lifting his legs up or squeezing his knees together depending on how crucial the game is it's hilarious! Takes me back to my game gear days when I used to lift my arms & the console up everytime I jumped!

Decided to actually watch the world go by on my journey home tonight (well apart from having my nose stuck to this phone writing my blog!) & listen to some music. I opted for Speakerboxxx by Andre 3000 & I'd forotten how fab this album is, takes me back to 2nd year at uni. Ahh them were the days!

Anyways back to the scenery, well once I'm back above ground & not looking at a black tunnel wall!

roaming reporter KtPx

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