Wednesday, April 13, 2011

London calling

Headed into central London yesterday to do some comp shopping & see what's around in the world of mens shirts. I started off at Libertys, had a look around carnaby street & ended up on oxford street right by primark (no idea how that happened!)
It was fun wandering round carnaby street in the sunshine & luckily it wasn't too busy. The shops were all looking good with their spring stock but I just can't get over how many denim & chambray shirts there are out there at the moment! Saw some great ideas, but most if all it was good to know that our collections for that season were right on track. Phew!
When I was on carnaby street I had to pop into Johnny cupcakes to see what they had. It's such a fab shop, tho the number of people coming in who wanted an actual cupcake & ended up leaving disappointed was quite funny!
So many shops had the royal wedding as their theme which was ace! I can't believe it's come around so quickly. I've not decided my plan of action for the wedding day yet. I was going to pop into London to watch them go by but I'm so small I don't think I'll see anything! So i think I'll either sit at home & watch it on tv or go to trafalgar square & see it on the big screens. I was hoping there'd be a street party somewhere but no luck so far. My mates seem to be mixed on how excited they are but I can't wait! This is my first royal wedding to experience!
I'm also so excited cos I've booked 3days off work & ended up with about a week & a half off thanks to Easter, the royal wedding & may bank holidays! Mum&Dad are coming down to spend 4days with us which should be fun & hopefully they'll get to meet Adams parents finally! Yes I know we've left it a bit too long! Yoink! We're also going to have a look at a possible wedding dress so fingers crossed!
I'm like a zombie this morning after 2 late nights if jiving! Oops! They were worth it tho, we learnt some great routines & techniques so can't wait for next Monday to see how many of them I actually remember (probably not many)! Becca's coming over tonight for jacket spuds & a gossip, tomorrow is the rock n roll bride party (can't wait tho Adam & I ain't got a clue what to wear!) & Friday it's pete's birthday that I've ended up organising (chuh men)! So I think I might just sleep through Saturday & wake up Sunday! *yawn*
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mandyface said...

i wish we had a johnny cupcakes here! it would be tempting to secretly film all the dissapointed people looking for a treat ;)