Wednesday, April 27, 2011

culture d'harling!

Yesterday we were very cultured & went to the Saatchi Gallery. When I was at uni I used to 'get' all the modern art & what it meant but now I end up looking at something with as blank a face as the rest of the people around me! I always like the Saatchi Gallery though cos as well as it being modern art, generally it looks good too!
The first thing I loved was by Tessa Farmer & called 'Swarm.' It was a big glass tank that at first looked like it was full of dead insects but on closer inspection it was dead insects with tiny human skeletons rinding them. I could have looked at it for hours cos you always saw something new.  The dragonfly with 5 little skeletons riding it was brilliant!
When we went downstairs we got to see the 20:50 by Richard Wilson again that we've not seen since it was in the old Saatchi Gallery. It's brilliant cos it's a room filled with oil & it's so still it creates a perfect reflection of the ceiling. Unfortunately the walkway wasn't open to walk into but you could still look down onto it & it really messed with mum's head!

 Us waving into the oil below!
Ekrem Yalcindag 'Impressions from the street'
Yasam Sasmazer 'Treacherous Wolf'
The Ritz had a big banner outside congratulating Wills & Kate on their wedding for Friday which was cool & they had the Union Flags outside too.
All in all it was a fun day & Adam & my rents finally met which was rather long overdue! It went really well though thankfully so at least they know each other before the wedding now!
I hope everyone had a good Easter I ate way too much chocolate for my Wedding Diet but hey what's one day eh?! again, reason 2 why I'm not good at dieting! :-P

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