Friday, April 08, 2011

Strike a pose!

Firstly how on earth is it Friday already?! I'm not complaining but wow where did the week go?

Now Adam & I are engaged I know the focus is all on us, from the planning right up to the actual day, but I never knew we'd be photographed this much!
We've got 2 engagement sessions planned - 1 with lou & t'other with the barbers (our confirmed (yay!) wedding photographers). We're looking forward to having a bit of a laugh with these without the pressure of it being our wedding day & it also gives us a chance to see what poses don't work for us (I'm thinking the family double chin that's been passed down for years here!).
On top of that I've also won 2 makeover sessions with photoshoots at the end from the weding fairs we've been to. I get to take away 1 or 2 prints without being charged so will just have to be very careful & probably leave my credit card at home so I don't end up buying more!
All these different shoots were sounding like great fun untill I realized you need a couple of outfits for each one & I got all girly stressing about what to wear! Better head off & raid primarni!
The rest of the planning is still going well, the biggest choice we're umming & ahhing over are the drapes! Just thought about the previous sentence & how boring we sound! Haha. Well every little counts (no we're not having a tesco theme!)
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