Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Wedding Wednesday - time to rock your socks off

After our first dance & parents dance it was time to let our hair down & enjoy a big old partay!
After a bit of a boogie it was time for W.I.T (Adam's band) to rock their socks off & get us in the mood. For me the best part was "Rockin' All Over The World" by Status Quo, I've been to see them a few times with ma&pa in the past & used to be rocked to sleep to them as a baby so ma, pa & I were straight up on the dancefloor doing the elbow dance thing! I'm sure it doesn't normally go on for that long but we were troopers & made it all the way! One thing I regret not doing is getting the whole set on video but thankfully some people recorded bits....
As well as playing one of their own songs they played a few other covers such as "I Gotta Feeling," "Summer of 69" & "Trippin' Down The Freeway" It was great to be able to add a more rockier aspect to our day without scaring people away by the loud noise! :P
It was fun to have Jon (the drummer's) 2 sisters there too so we could sing-a-long as if we were just at a normal gig down at the The Standard!
Towards the end of their last song (a cover of "Marry You" by Bruno Mars) Adam put down his guitar & came out to dance with me & we had another little smooch! *Bleugh!* :P

Tune in next week to see what happened when W.I.T finished & the night continued! Our night was full of surprises!
Ttfn x

photos as always thanks to Chris Barber.

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