Friday, December 28, 2012

2012 in review

As 2012 comes to a close & we all get ready to welcome in 2013 I thought I'd do a quick review looking back at my resolutions.
*taking the whole 'married couple' title to the extreme!* 

All in all 2012's been a pretty ace year! I started it a Miss & ended it as a Mrs (not that you'd be able to tell from my blog name, I'll get round to it one day honest!), which brings me nicely onto my first resolution....

~ get married.
TICK! Still doesn't always feel real, though I've just got my new bank cards through with my new name on & my passport's been changed so it's slowly sinking in. It was so fun getting a husband card for Adam this year & referring to each other as The Ps (twee but we like it!!).

~ pay off credit card.
TICK & RUB OUT A BIT. I managed to get everything paid off & it felt brill. A few bits crept on there towards the end of the year (I did the stupid "I'll pay it off at the end of the month") but I'll be free of it pretty soon.

~ loose weight.
HMMM! Moving on! ;-)

~ stop trying to keep everyone happy.
TICK (mainly). I'm quite chuffed I've kept to this & I think the fact I made sure I was happy made other people around me happy too. So yay for this one!

~ do what you want, you don't need to worry about what anyone else thinks.
TICK. Think this one was most obvious at our wedding where we let our personalities shine through & did exactly what we wanted. It resulted in a day that was so individual & everyone had a great time!

The others that are still on going are:
~ I must read most of the books I've bought - this might fall by the wayside a bit more now I've got a kindle! Yoink
~ I need to try taking out my roller skates at least once - can't believe another year has gone by & they haven't even left the coal shed (apart from an airing after the leak!).

Well roll on 2013 & let's see what the year brings. I just hope it goes a bit slower than 2012!

Ttfn x


@distract_me said...

You've done much better at your resolutions than I have! I also can't believe how quickly this year has gone... xx

ktpland said...

I think the key was to forget about them till the end of the year & I just happened to have done lots! :P Let's keep that our little secret tho eh?! x