Wednesday, December 05, 2012

Wedding Wednesday - posers? us?!

As the sun was starting to sink lower in the sky we managed to sneak out for a few more photos around the venue. 
Being on an industrial estate the surroundings wouldn't have been to everyone's taste but seeing as we were being photographed by Mr Wall-Master-Extraordinaire Chris Barber he was in his element!
We couldn't resist taking little pug out for a walk too!
After dodging under a closed gate (yes in my dress!) Chris got us to climb the steps to the top of the fire escape. It was at this point Adam decided to Tell Chris he didn't like heights! He did really well though & I love this little section of photos!
Anyone who knows me knows I'm rubbish at jumping photos so Chris got me to stand there & look pretty while Adam climbed the ladder at the side & jumped off! He nearly broke his ankles as he landed funny on a ridge on the floor but it would have been worth it for these pics in my opinion!!

Ttfn x

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