Friday, December 14, 2012

and I thought Santa was busy at this time of year?!

It's gone crazy! I'm so busy at the moment. I had a mega stress a few days ago that my Christmas cards weren't even written yet (this comes from the girl who writes them in November usually)! I got the last one written last night, I've just got a few gifts left to buy then I'm done. Phew!
I'm not sure if any of you are taking part in the Christmas Jumper Day for Save The Children (info HERE) but I thought it would be a good way to get everyone a bit more festive in the office so I set off to work today in my wonderful Primarni jumper with added tinsel! There's only 5 of us in the office so they won't be rolling in money from our donation but I guess every little helps!
Speaking of office...we've moved finally! Huzzah! We're actually in the centre of London now. My commute has been cut down buy at least an hour (it was almost 2hrs before!) which is brill & the area's got such a lovely vibe. Trouble is, instead of just having a Sainos down the road for lunch we've got loads of cafes & restaurants so I love it but my waistline & wallet don't! Thankfully we'll get our microwave next week so it's back to soup & supernoodles for me. Maybe I should ask Santa for some blinkers so I don't get distracted by the wonderful (& yes they are wonderful) Golden Arches or Subway or Nandos or Itsu......I think you get the picture! So this week has been full of packing & unpacking boxes as well as working on the next collection & meeting customers. No rest for the wicked eh?!

Anyways here's to hoping next week will be a bit quieter!
Ttfn x

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