Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Wedding Wednesday - boogie nights

After W.I.T struck their last chord our guests all turned round to find the back wall had vanished & there was an ice cream standing in it's place!

If only we had a photo of their faces & a record of their comments, it was brilliant! No one could quite believe it but the queue grew as people lined up with their vouchers for their 99!
They were also treated to our signature cocktail 'The P' (a.k.a Strawberry Daiquiri!) served in jam jars with glittery stars in the top. The drinks went down so well they ran out & had to go & buy new ingredients during the night!
No disco would be complete without a bit of Steps dancing so we made the most of Tragedy as well as an 8min Steps megamix later on in the night!
The boys all had fun too & spent quite a bit of time on the dancefloor, whether it was moshing or giving Adam or I the bumps they were there!
As you might have gathered by now I have quite a varied music taste so our night went from Steps to the Hokey Cokey to Bohemian Rhapsody which ended up in a mosh pit! It was awesome!
I never got tired of twirling in my posh dress :)
I just about remembered to throw my bouquet before the night was over & there was quite a dash for it (not saying my mates are desperate of course! :P). Luckily I didn't hit the lights or slam it into the ground behind me, it landed nicely in Nat Nat's arms.
We carried on dancing the night away until the disco ended at midnight. Our last two songs were 'New York New York' by Reel Big Fish & to end the night off like any good rock night - 'Nelly The Elephant' by the Toy Dolls. It was an ace ending to an amazing day & I hope never to forget any of it. Ever. I felt like the luckiest girl in the world (& still do!). I love the fact that whenever people see our photos too they say we just both look so happy & mum's commented you couldn't wipe the smiles of our faces.

Wedding Wed will be back next week for a sneak into the Silly Space so pop back then!

Ttfn x

p.s all photos thanks to Chris Barber


distract_me said...

Love the photos, that dress was made for twirling! The ice cream van is a great idea. xx

ktpland said...

thanks! i could have twirled all day long! x