Monday, December 10, 2012

It's Christmas!

Finally! I know it's not that late arriving but for me it is! I've been waiting all week to decorate our tree & give our little home a festive makeover & here it is....
Better late than never eh?! I'd wanted to do it last week but seeing as the tree was in the coal shed without being wrapped in a bag or box (thanks to the leak from downstairs earlier in the year) I chickened out getting it when I saw a huge cobweb on it & gave Adam 2 options - either buy a new tree or hoover this one till we could be sure there weren't any spiders/other creatures living in it! He went down today all brave to get it out but when he saw it was at the back, looking a bit dusty & with a few rat droppings round it (joy) we decided to dash to Homebase before it closed! We ended up getting a really nice half price tree which is the same size as our other one but a bit bushier. I ended up spending the rest of the afternoon decorating the lounge & adding out new wedding dec to our tree (see last years one HERE).
I was quite chuffed with our Gingerbread lights from Tiger (what an ace shop!!) too.

We've had a really lovely Christmassy weekend which started with the Jive Christmas party on Friday - it felt so good to get back to dancing but I still can't get my dancing shoes on thanks to my still grotty nail so I danced as best I could (which was better than expected) in my Docs! Saturday we went to Brum to see Adam's Luke window (which looked awesome!), battled with all the other Christmas shoppers to get some last minute bits&bobs & then caught up with Slink, Niall & Mark for lunch & a drink at the German market. Today we didn't really do much just decorated & wrote some Chrimbo cards. Can't wait for our first Christmas as a married couple. Yay!

Ttfn x

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