Monday, December 24, 2012

Christmas came early

Our first Chrimbo as a married couple! Also it's the first time we'll be spending the whole festive time together. The whole driving up to ma&pa's Chrimbo Eve then Adam leaving early Chrimbo morning to see his folks while I stayed with mine is long gone! This year I'll be spending it with the in-laws & it's my first ever Chrimbo without ma&pa. I won't say I'm not nervous about it, what with different traditions & ways of doing things & being surrounded by kids, it'll definitely be different but still as special.
Ma&Pa came down for an early Chrimbo last Friday & as soon as I'd logged off my work computer & turned on my out of office (with a 12day holiday ahead of me woop!) we set off to see the Turner Prize. It wasn't the best we've seen by far! The winner (Elizabeth Price's) video installations were good but I really liked Paul Noble's drawings, they were so detailed & I could have looked at them all day spotting new things. The final artist's work by Spartacus Chetwynd didn't even have the actors there that are part of the piece (they only work during the day apparently!) so we were a bit cheesed off we didn't get to see the exhibition to it's full potential. Dad had a word with the manager who was more than helpful & we ended up getting free tickets to see the 'Pre-Raphaelites' exhibition on the same night to say sorry. It's not normally something I'd go out my way to see but WOW!
I didn't think I was that keen on the older artworks but the detail in these paintings made them look just like photographs, they were stunning! I stood & looked at John Brett's "Val d'Aosta" for ages. It was a beautiful mountain scene that had been painted in 1858 & parts of it looked liked he'd stuck a photo over a painting. It made me want to dash home & get out my paints & pencils & sketch away (not that anything I produced ever looked like that!!). There were also lots of pieces by William Morris who I always love & some of his embroideries & weaves were beautiful. I love it when an art gallery throws up something so unexpected.
The next morning we were up bright & early to head to The Breakfast Club. Ma&Pa pointed out they'd never travelled an hour to have breakfast before but boy was it worth it. I'd gone determined to try something new but still ended up with the Bananas & Bacon on French Toast! I couldn't resist! We had wet walk around Spittalfields before heading home to relax.
After our curry success with Come Dine With Me last month I decided to cook another Thali. I was really chuffed how well it came out & I think I impressed the rents who'd given up I'd ever cook anything I think! After wards it turned out Santa had come early so we opened a few gifts. Mum had brought some overly glittery paper that meant the sellotape didn't stick at all so I didn't need to do much un-wrapping! I'd had my hard drive as my main gift a few months ago but mum had managed to find the Cath Kidston bag with the Olympic print on that I'd given up hope finding so that was my gift on the side. Woop!

Whatever you end up doing & wherever you end up going I hope you all have a wonderful Chrimbo & a marvelous New Year & thanks for reading, I really appreciate it!

Ttfn x

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