Friday, December 07, 2012

Step into Christmas

The cheesy pop princess in me reared her head up once more last Monday when I travelled all the way up to Manchester to see Steps! Woop! Michelle was my partner in crime (as always) & we had a blast!
'Christmas With Steps' wasn't like any other Steps concert (as they kept pointing out!) seeing as they were playing smaller venues & sang live with a live band (I know it's what most people expect from groups now but we're so used to seeing them running around miming it was quite a big deal!).
Their only London date was at the Palladium on Adam's birthday & if I'd tried to drag him there I think we'd have ended up with a divorce on our hands so instead I went up to Manchester where they were performing at the Apollo.
I hadn't twigged how amazing our seats were until we walked to the stalls & kept walking past rows of people till we found our seats 10, yes 10 rows from the front! Seeing as we normally see them in arenas & so end up quite a long way back (block4 row H of the NEC mainly!) we were suddenly very over-excited 16 year olds again (proof is at the end of the video above!)!
They played quite a few old favourites (they did a great slowed down version of Batter Best Forgotten too) as well as some Christmassy ballads from the new album. The atmosphere was great & it was fun to be in an audience of people pretty much all our age or older all having a whale of a time.
As always each member did their solo but instead of everyone else running off stage for a costume change they all sang backing vocals for one another & they only changed their outfits twice (once in the interval & once for the encore) so instead of it all seeming a bit like a Panto it was more of a grown up & special evening.
It put me in a great mood for Christmas especially when they ended with a cover of 'Merry Christmas Everybody' & snow started falling onto the stage. I know I said after the arena tours earlier in the year that I wouldn't go again but I think we all knew that was rubbish & I'm not going to write anything like that again, but if this is the last concert I see them do I'd be a happy girly :)

Ttfn x

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