Thursday, May 24, 2012

T-minus 100days!

Well the proper wedding countdown has begun - 100days eep! I remember when I started counting at 555days to go when I bought my first (yes first!) pair of shoes for the big day (click here for the post)!
 Now that Adam & I have had our stag parties & the "days to go" won't be in three figures anymore it's feeling really real! I'm mainly excited, I can't wait to walk down that aisle to the man I love & marry him! Just thinking about it now I've got butterflies! I don't feel worried or have any second thoughts or doubts, I know 100% I wanna be with Adam forever.
all of our green tape measure is filled in & now we've moved onto the pink :)
Ever since we got together there's been one big continuous link - music. It's what brought us together all those years ago on MySpace (remember that?!), we'll happily spend hours after gigs waiting to meet the bands & I get really excited when I get a text from him saying he's just found a new band I'll like & he's pretty much always right. We've thought about our wedding music so carefully & pretty much every song that'll be played will have a reason or a meaning behind it.
It's weird but the big thing I'm worrying about leading up to the wedding is bruises! I don't always know where they've come from (usually me walking into things!) but I'll always find one or two a week & I really don't want bruises or cuts on my hands. Maybe on the one month to go mark I'll buy one of those Zorb things & live in there to protect me?! Getting on the tube at rush hour should be interesting!
Anyways I've rambled on enough now & hope I've not made any of you too sick with my lovey dovey post. All I wanted to say was 100days to go & I can't ruddy wait! Bring it on!

Ttfn x


Anonymous said...

Awww KTP, this really made me smile!!


Loubee x

ktpland said...

thanks! :) we're so excited! x