Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Nigel's Stag Do pt2

After our speedy curry we hopped in taxis for a 15min drive down the road(!!) & arrived at the Great Central Railway. It was pretty deserted apart from a wedding on one platform (what a fab venue!) & after wondering why we were here a Diesel 45 (means nothing to me either!) pulled in & we climbed on board.
Don't worry I'm not a secret train spotter, this wasn't just any Diesel 45, it was Beerex! Still got no idea what I'm talking about?! Well it's an old fashioned train, that took us on a return journey to Leciester with a bar serving real ale A pub that moves basically! Love it!
All the stations we passed through were still all olde worlde & it was lovely time to sit & catch up with everyone while watching the world go by instead of trying to shout through a karting helmet at each other. I love how much of an anorak I look in the picture above!
I used to drink ale quite a lot but since moving to London where most pubs are now trendy wine bars it's not as easy to get my hands on a proper pint so I'd stopped & moved onto cider. As soon as the plastic glass was in my hand it was love at first sip once more! Anyone for the Real Ale Festival in Earls Court this year?!  
I'd just like to point out that the train never moved as quickly as this photo makes out but Art, Ross & Paul had a blast all the same!
Once back on the platform Nigel turned from a boy to a man ready for the rest of the festivities.....To Be Continued.... 
Ttfn x

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