Friday, May 18, 2012

A Royal Invitation

A few weekends ago Anna & I were invited to Her Imperial Highness, Her Grace, Her Excellency, Her Royal Majesty, the Queen of Hearts' Birthday Party!
We'd had quite a manic day having travelled all over London from North West to North East to South & back up again to the East! Phew! It seemed like that Saturday was the day to do things & Anna & I (being the social butterflies we are) had invites to them all! We ended up having to get changed at Becca's house warming/engagement party which was pretty civilised into our fancy dress outfits for the Alice In Wonderland Theme Party!
In case you hadn't guessed by now I was the Cheshire Cat & Anna was the White Queen....(no we have no idea who that is either she was just told she'd look good in that outfit & boy were they right!). Apart from the fact Anna's corset was a bit tight preventing her from sitting down very well or breathing the costumes held up pretty well! Can I just say I'm pretty chuffed with my ears made out of Primark flannels too!
When we finally arrived at Claire's boyfriend's house (after walking into a block of flats on the wrong road thinking we were in the right place dressed like wallys!) we were transported into an actual Wonderland - it was fab! If I ever want to hold a house party I know who's mates to get in touch with for the decor!
I didn't really know the birthday girl Claire (a good friend of Anna's) but she welcomed me with open arms, unlike the "Off with her head" I'd have expected from the Queen of Hearts! She looked fab & I wish I'd got a photo of her gorgeous Vivienne Westwood Melissa shoes - with hearts on of course! Everyone had made such an effort with their costumes, though there was an abundance of Mad Hatters for the men!
Once we'd travelled through the rabbit hole there was a cocktail fountain where you could fill up JamJars that had the words 'Drink Me' hanging round them & a sweet table full of yummy treats including rose shaped cupcakes.
At one point they did get a bit carried away with the smoke machine & set off the fire alarm, no one really noticed though & carried on dancing/nattering while Calire's boyfriend had to try to turn it off!
Anna with one of the rose cupcakes.
The walls were decorated with quotes from the film & I managed to find a Cheshire Cat one.
The kitchen was even decorated with a playing card floor! Dedication or what?!
Aww the two Queens together - some would say the Queen of Kingfisher should have been in there too but I let them have their moment of glory - I'm good like that!
All too soon though it was time to leave. We'd planned to get the last tube but that didn't happen & we ended up on the joyous nightbus (it wasn't so bad actually & only took 15min longer than if we'd caught the tube, well it was a bit longer than that cos of the diversion into MaccyDs but hey!). After the funny looks we'd had on our way to the party Anna cheated on the way home & took off her wig - she looked fairly normal while I walked along with my makeup & ears on full display, though if you can't do it on the nightbus where can you do it?!
The walk up our hill always seems twice as long & steep after a good night out - it took even longer this time though cos I kept stopping to take photos of my feline shadow!
I'm off to another partay tomorrow - my c**k party! Woop! Can't wait! So if I'm not left tied to a lamppost somewhere in the middle of nowhere I'll be back with another post on Monday. Have a great weekend y'all!

Ttfn x


Rachel, Cold Knees said...

I love Alice themed things :) You look great as the Cheshire cat! x

ktpland said...

haha thanks! it was a fun party - can't ever turn down fancy dress! x