Monday, May 07, 2012

All for a good cause

Charity brings out the best opportunities - sky diving, marathons & throwing custard at Mike! While I'm still on the subject of Charity (see Friday's worthy cause SUPED here) I thought I'd share some photos from a few weeks ago when Adam leaped at the chance to throw custard at Mike all to raise money for Breast Cancer!
It started off fairly tame with a small cup of pink custard, then Adam spotted the big red bucket..........
Poor mike was then covered in real custard & cream before another one of his work colleagues grabbed the big red bucket & threw everything (including the bucket!) at him. I love Mike pleading below....
He was such a good sport throughout. It was so funny as people walked into the ASDA at Leytonstone to be greeted by Mike in a bath covered in custard, as you do!

Turns out I have some pretty charitable mates! Nat Nat was rather fantastic by completing the London Marathon in 4hrs 29sec. I've decided I'm going to compete in a Marathon too......... 26meals.....bring it on (after the wedding of course! :P)!

Ttfn x

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